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721 Club History

In September, 1986, members of the Union League Club of Chicago helped to for the USS Chicago (SSN-721) Commissioning Committee.  The 721 Club is an outgroth of that committee, formed following the commissioning of this Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine.  The Club maintains a close relationship with the crew on behalf of the citizends of Chicagoland.  When schedules permit, we have brought the ship's Commanding Officer, his spouse, and/or senior offers and members of the crew to Chicago for a visit as our guests.

About the 721 Club

The 721 Club is the successor to the Commissioning Committee for the USS Chicago/SSN 721, organized by the Union League Club to support the commissioning of this Los Angeles class fast-attack submarine in 1986. Out of the club’s sponsorship of the commissioning activities, which included dinners, receptions and gifts for the ship and crew, came the 721 Club – which provides ongoing support and contact with the crew and families of the submarine.

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